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    Ringo telecommunications limited is the promoter of the Ringo Arena. In furtherance to our commitment to defining standards in the retail end of the telecommunications industry, Ringo Arena was commissioned as a brand that would offer high quality, differentiated solution to Customers. It was set up as a telecoms mall, offering mobile communication solutions that improves and directly impacts the lives of people, by helping them communicate in simple, exciting and unparalleled ways. Redefining the industry
    The Ringo Arena has come to raise the stakes in the industry; it has come to raise the bar just that much, and in so doing, redefine the entire retail end of the industry. The Ringo Arena has broken down the barrier that hitherto existed between the four different GSM networks, and has ensured, for the first time in the telecoms industry, that all four network service providers (MTN, AIRTEL, ETISALAT, & GLO) all exist under one roof. 

    The one thing paramount to all four network providers is brand image, which in turn reflects on subscriber base; that they have chosen to identify with the Ringo Arena so intimately and historically says a lot for the Ringo brand. The heart and soul of the Ringo vision, mission, and major objective is to give every customer a services experience that leaves a big smile on their faces, pre sales and post sales experience that ensures they return to enjoy more of the same. This is what is currently in place at the Ringo Arena: a courteous and efficient friendly service that leaves a smile on your face.

    In addition, the Ringo Arena has also brought together Original manufacturers of devices such as phones, laptops, accessories, and so much more under its roof. These devices have full comprehensive warrantees for Nigeria, and are not products meant for other parts of the world, but brought into the country anyway, by an unscrupulous and uncaring dealer, to be sold to our unsuspecting populace. Such phones and devices come without warrantees, without genuine quality control passes, and their importers have no service agreements, pre, or post sale, with the Original manufacturers, which in turn, place the buyer of such devices at terrible risk of losing out completely without compensation. This is what the Ringo Arena intends to insulate the average Nigerian from, as it concerns GSM telephony services, devices, and communication gadgets and solutions in general.

    The Ringo Arena additionally offers the Trade-in option to its customers, for phones purchased from any of her outlets; prior till now, this scheme was not practicable in Nigeria. It’s a scheme that allows anybody who purchased a phone from any Ringo Arena outlet, to walk in and demand to buy another phone of whatever model, by simply handing in his old phone. The old phone is assessed by pre-defined criteria, and the customer given a store value with which he/she uses to finance the purchase of another phone from the Arena. This scheme effectively assures the customer of the originality of our products, and frankly, is a clear benefit of having original equipment manufacturers as partners, because they will not allow fake products to be brought back in to them for new ones.
    A fully operational Technical Services department also exists at the Ringo Arena, where trained personnel are on hand to deal with repair and service issues of customers whose phones are out of warrantee, or of those who purchased their phones from elsewhere. This truly makes the Ringo Arena the One-stop-shop, patrons and associates alike have come to know it as.

    The promoters of the Ringo Arena are currently on the verge of rolling out nationwide; the concept and model has proven to be a runaway success, and they are most desirous to have other Nigerians access this unique offering of products, services and solutions. In other to fast track the roll out as much as possible, they have put a franchise scheme in place, a scheme that avails individuals with entrepreneurial drive and insight, to partner with Ringo by buying into the ownership of a Ringo Arena of their very own. Those who are interested could indicate their interest by filling an Expression of Interest form and an authorized personnel would get back to them.