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    Ringo Telecommunications Limited, owners of the RINGO ARENA, is a member of the Ringo Group, which also comprises of Office Devices Limited, ODL Telecommunications Limited, Maple Properties and Errand-Express Limited. The company's headcount currently stands at about 400 people across the group. The desire of the Management of Ringo Group is to build a world class, successful and sustainable conglomerate that will exceed the expectations of customers through employee commitment and the deployment of cutting-edge technology.

    To further deepen the company's service offerings, Ringo Arena was commissioned as a brand that would offer high quality, differentiated solution to Customers. It was set up as a telecoms mall, offering mobile communication solution that improves the quality of people's lives by helping them communicate in simple, exciting and unparalleled ways. Ringo outlets are being positioned as value for money destination brands that would provide a wide range of mobile communication tools, solutions and services in a synergistic manner.

    The major gap in the market is the lack of high quality professional services in the retail end of the telecommunications industry in Nigeria. This is not an issue for just the telecommunication industry, but more of a societal challenge. However, since the competency of Ringo Franchise Promoters lies in telecommunication, a Ringo outlet was set up, primed to focus on that segment of the economy, and pursue a profitable servicing of existing needs. Ringo outlets would seek to break down the Network barriers, and in addition, include Products Sales and Solutions' Delivery to the service model.

    In the light of the above, the list below lists out all that is on offer at a Ringo outlet:
    a. Products: Airtime, Data Cards, Mobile Phones, Intelligent devices, Phone Accessories.
    b. Services: SIM Swap, SIM Registration, Mobile Payments, Internet Service, Repairs & Maintenance, and a Trade-in scheme.
    c. Solutions: Product roll-out information and orientation, Value added services (Ringtones, Downloads etc) Product optimization, Products trade in and enhancements, Business Solution café; Eateries, Ringo club membership, Kiddies play area.

    1. Our franchise provides a defined, proven business format that has sold products or services successfully.
    2. Success is more or less assured when you invest in a proven brand like ours
    3. The kick off to the business is faster and easier because of the already set methodology, and an already existing standard operating manual
    4. Initial training and ongoing support in areas of management, marketing, inventory control, human resources, administration, security, and much more, is made readily available.
    5. The franchise makes available costs with operating the new business; you will not run into unexpected costs.

    Criteria for selecting the Ideal Franchisee would be as follows:
    1. Must be a focused team player.
    2. Have the right approach to work.
    3. Have entrepreneurial drive.
    4. Have reasonable level of exposure, and veritable network of friends and associates.
    5. Have proven ability to invest required sum, by means of references and guarantors, etc.
    6. Detailed resume and fair knowledge of the telecoms industry in Nigeria.
    7. Present a two (2) year business plan, showing how they intend to achieve sales target, maintain, and possibly, improve on the already existing service standard at the existing Ringo Outlets.

    The Ringo franchise encapsulates all that has been outlined above and so much more. It is a worthy investment, guaranteed to succeed, and a one of a kind concept in this end of the telecommunication industry - a one-stop shop for GSM telephony services and devices. You can be a part of Ringo. Buy our franchise today.